The voices of the ancestors are the voices of the gods - African saying
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Ma’at is the ancient Nile Valley Ntrt  that represented the conceptions of divine order, balance, morality, truth, reality and justice. She came into being when Ra rose from the waters of Nun, thus she is known to be one of his daughters. In this aspect, she is said to have set the world in order after the creation, especially the behavior of the stars, the seasons, the mortals and even the deities. She is the wife and consort of Djehuti (Tehuti, Thoth) and bore eight children with him who later became the eight primeval deities of Hermopolis (the most famous of which is Amun). Her name, sometimes also spelled “Mayet”, literally means, “That which is straight”. She is often depicted a woman, seated or standing, whose crown had a single ostrich feather protruding from it. She may also be seen as a woman with ostrich feathers for a headdress or sometimes, as a woman with an ostrich feather as her head. She is also occasionally depicted as a winged goddess. She holds a specter in one hand and the symbol of ankh in another. She is often associated with the symbols of the scales and the primeval mound where the NTR creator stood at the beginning of time. Perfect for framing and displaying in your home or office Now available in sizes 16 x 24,24 x 36.
The African historian who evades the problem of Egypt is neither modest nor objective nor unruffled. He is ignorant, cowardly and neurotic. The ancient Egyptians were Negroes. The moral fruit of their civilization is to be counted among the assets of the Black world.”

― Cheikh Anta Diop, The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality

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